Summer Pool Maintenance Program in Grand Rapids, MI

Summer Pool Maintenance Program in Grand Rapids, MI

A swimming pool should be enjoyed.
Why ruin it with the chore of continued maintenance?


Our success is measured by YOUR satisfaction. Our years of experience combined with our passion for sparkling clean and inviting swimming pools is what drives us. We will treat your pool as though it is our very own.
Hotwater DRX service technicians are CPO certified which means they have completed the required training and possess the knowledge to reduce risk and injury in all pool and spa operations. This is important because you don't want just anybody servicing your pool. We eliminate the burden of maintaining chemical balance and the cleaning of your pool so all that you have to do is enjoy.

  • Check pool equipment and verify that everything is working properly
  • Skim the water line and clear of leaves, sticks, pine needles and other debris
  • If necessary clean out or backwash filter to relieve pressure and restore flow rate
  • Vacuum pool bottom
  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Test and adjust water chemistry
  • Brush steps, swim outs, tile and walls
  • Add chemicals as needed
  • Check equipment for proper operation and filter pressure
  • Fill chlorinator or chlorine packs if necessary
  • Maintain service records
  • Leave a written report of work done and chemicals used that visit

Going away for vacation?? Need us to pool-sit for only a week or so… Contact us for weekly pricing.